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1. Treatments & Price options
2. After-Care tips
3. Cancellation policy
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1. Treatment & Price options or Book Now
- 40 mins (30 mins express treatment) - £45.00
- 1 hour (50 mins full treatment) - £60.00
- Set of 4 full treatments - £220.00
- Set of 6 full treatments - £300.00

You can pay online when you book, or pay by card on the day
If required and planned in advance, we may be able to provide a reflexologist for treatment at your home, for which we will provide a cost beforehand. Just give me a call on 07831 119 820

2. After-Care tips
Every individual has their own reaction to treatment - some feel energised, some have a general sense of wellbeing, but a few may feel sleepy, tearful or even have a headache for a short while. So, after you have had a treatment, it is important that you take it easy and listen to your body. If you feel like going to bed earlier - then give in to it.
To get the best outcome, here are a few pointers for after-care:
- Drink plenty of water after the treatment and over the next 24 hours
- Only eat a light meal after treatment, and include lots of fresh vegetables and fruit if you can
- Avoid tea, coffee, alcohol and sugary drinks for 12 hours (herbal teas are fine)
- Avoid strenuous exercise - now is not the time to go for a run or have a gym session!
- In the following days, be mindful and kind to yourself - maybe practice yoga or meditation
- Think about posture and make sure your desk/computer/chair are properly aligned Posture tips
- Think about your stress levels and try this Reducing Stress
- Get as much fresh air as you can, even a short 10 minute walk around the block can help clear the mind
- AND FINALLY - make a note of how you felt after the session and let your therapist know next time

3. Cancellation policy
A full refund will be given if you cancel more than 12 hours in advance
No refund will be due if cancelled at short notice (within 12 hours)

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