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Why should I try Reflexology?

Reflexology is a therapy that aims to relax the mind and body to aid wellbeing during or after particularly stressful or busy times.
It is a simple technique based on the theory that as all our nerves end in the feet, a skilled reflexologist applying gentle manipulation and pressure on each foot, can affect related areas of the body .

It is often used to complement traditional treatments for long-term physical health problems, muscular/skeletal discomfort such as back pain or mental health challenges such as depression and anxiety, but it is equally useful as a treat to give yourself some regular peaceful relaxation to escape your daily stress.

Many people benefit from Reflexology - improved mood, improved sleep, deep relaxation or just a general sense of calm. Some people even fall asleep during the sessions. And one of the great things about it is that all you need to do is remove your footwear and relax in the Reflexology chair or couch. Your reflexologist will gently cleanse both feet, then provide a therapy session using specialist products to suit you. NB: there is no need to have a pedicure or any special treatment beforehand - please just come as you are.

Our reflexology room is in Central Twickenham, in Richmond, South West London - with plenty of parking at the Holly Road (behind Marks & Spencer - more details are in our Find us tab)
If you would like to book, please go to my booking page
If you live in the Twickenham, Richmond or South West London area and would like to enquire about a home visit from a reflexologist, please send us an email

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